Women with skirts

  • Dimensions:45-49 * 18-32
  • Year:2009-2010

Skirt as a symbol of fertility. Full hips. Woman gives life: to ideas, feeling and babies.

Skirt as a means of flying. Woman as the one transcending worlds: of materiality, spirituality and dreams.

Through simple gestures the vividly internalized clay sculptures express the inner experience and feelings of the daily routine. It seems like we are in front of the intimate self-portraits of the sculptor who in the moment of creative inspiration engraved with a sharp object onto the roughly moulded clay surface of the work Women with skirts (2010-2013) the following passage: “I would reach the sun if I could; Tonight the stars are imprinted on my forehead; My path is wide open; I am the boiling pot or The Earth and skirts are round.”