• Dimensions:20-30
  • Year:2015-2017

The mobile installation Sketches (2015-) consists of hundreds of small figures. These are studies of female body represented with basic gestures.

The wire figures shaped with fast and simple, but essential lines into a variety of dancing postures appear extremely light and relaxed. In my work, I’m looking for a perfect line in order to illustrate a singular dancing move that represents the summary of all past and future movements of the body.

Each figure in the spatial installation is an autonomous and finished sketch. However, they only acquire true meaning when placed within a larger composition that functions as a homogeneous group of playful dancers where figures always follow a certain sequence, continuing, repeating or starting a new move. Every set-up of the work Sketches is unique and formally completely adapted to the specificities of the gallery space. An important role is also played by light since it creates shadows of figures on the gallery walls, further emphasising the harmonious relationship between the installation and space.

The cycle speaks about the lightness of being, the joy of life and the importance of every individual in society that renders life more pleasant and full.  By connecting with each other, we can create something better and more beautiful.